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bummer no video
I just realixed that while I got nice footage of the storm damage that knocked the power out for a week, i didn't get any footage of us subsisting off candles and bonfires.


Would have been cool.

anyhow.  Lots going on - power outage (for a week), being mindful of kid, going up emergency visit to see my step-dad in the hospital (he's better now, possible discharge today, is good), ...

What's different? 

+ I very much appreciate my lovely wife and my chaotic yet wonderful family
+ Life works better if I get to work early and leave early so that I can take care of house stuff before the evening starts.
+ I very much know how to live off candles and solar power.   I'm a little surprised that I did not miss the internet too much, other than Google Reader, which I used to keep track of Ron Paul more.
+ I very much agree with Mr Paul, especially in the light of this latest financial dealybob.  I will likely follow his suggestion and vote for whom I want, rather than not vote for whom I don't want.
+ I very much love my brother.

That's about it. Hope all is well out there..


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