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Louisville meets Hurricane Ike
Strong winds = trees over everywhere = power out, maybe for a week.

Fun! we used the gas grill for dinner - mac 'n' cheese and burgers. There's a Walmart that has power down the road a bit, so we're covered thataway.

Windows are open in the house.. temperature is a nice 70, though might get up to 80 later this week.

This morning tried to take a cold shower, omg, that was painful. I'll probably do the "heat a pot of boiling water" & use a bucket for the rest of the week.

Work is on generator power for right now .. which means no A/C though all the outlets do work, so I can charge my phone. I do not have a mobile charger.. Molly does, though, thank goodness.

Car has 3/4 tank of gas. Pilot is at about 1/2.


It was very neat. With the power out, there's not so much that one could do.. made life very simple. My brain wasn't twisting and turning all over the place to try to figure out the next right thing. There's something to be said for a simple life.

My wife is taking it pretty well. It was tough, with the kid being all energized by the storm.. trying to lead us to do 10 things from Sunday. We went along for a bit, and then it was like: NO. WE ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE. Kid found a buddy to go spend the night with (bonfires ok at their house) and off he went. Peace and quiet decended on the domicile.

The invisible fence -- we bought one with a battery backup -- battery backup is still going strong. I wonder how long it will last?

I am both tired and excited. Its a wierd feeling.


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