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GAFFA craziness
The church we go to is having something called GAFFA - Group And Fun Fellowship Awaken?  Giddy Angels Falling For Armor-all?   Don't know what it stands for but it involves two very important things:

1. FOOD.    in this case, Lasagna. 
2. community  - bunches of folks that we know.
3. classes.

My wife's family - her sister teaches one class, her mom the other.  My wife went to another class, that's her story, i tagged along... wow, umm, no, i won't go back, i'd rather have the downtime at home. 

The kid got to go with his buddies in the  middle school dungeon.   We even brought one of his friends with, who wants to come back, every week.

Looks like we'll be doing this every week for fall.   I like it.  

Next time, i'm going to help with the teardown, before I go home.

Note - i wanted to queue this for posting on Sept 12th, but apparently LJ doesn't allow for that. Boo.


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