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Kenpo - Random Assault = Good Pain
I'm about halfway through the orange belt curriculum - and it was time for my readiness test.   I was pretty anxious about it.. I asked Jordan if we could practise for it.  I think he ended up giving me the readiness test instead. 

I stand facing a wall which does not have a mirror.    Jordan sneaks up on me from some random direction, and attacks.. punches, kicks, knife attack, club, choke holds, etc.   I defend myself, at full power.  Its up to him to protect himself. 

Result:  He got me good on a kick, and one of the holds.  I did not freeze - which is what we were checking for.    Apparently I got him like 5 times.. various elbows, knifehands and punches to the face.  I didn't even notice - I was adrenalized.

When the adrenalin wore off, dang i was sore.  not just sore, I *hurt*.  Tender spot on my arm where I was blocking.  Back out of alignment.  Bekham muscle activated.

I love it.   I like my school, too.  I'm starting to understand their mentality.  They are there about teaching people to defend themselves *first*, its not about anything fancy.

We're going to incorporate more of the random assault stuff into my training program.   I am very excited.   Might start going every week.


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