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Pissed off? not?
I think I might be pissed off?    because I'm not getting "my way", not that I'm sure what my way is?
And then, i'm also not pissed off, because i'm going with the flow of the weekend?

I think what it is, something like, "if I don't do x y and z, then _____ <-- bad things happen", and I don't feel like I've gotten to do them.

However, when I made my list - Cat litter changed, Check... Dishes swapped and loaded, Check... those were the biggest things for "feeling like life is in order".  

We have an opportunity to go to two highschool soccer games.  I love going to these games because A1.  Concession Stand Food Tastes Great.  and B2.  I love watching soccer.  And C3.  My wife is with me!   And D4. The Kid is a Ballboy!   So.. I'm glad we're going.

I just wish I had several hours to hang out downstairs in my mancave just chilling and being...   Perhaps I'll take that time tonight after the games, while waiting for the gold medal basketball matches in the Olympics.  Hope live TV is carrying those. 

I got to sleep in this morning.  That was very good.

Tomorrow is crazy - possible church, game at 3pm, and a whole bunch of shopping to do after.   Maybe I can talk the wife into swapping going to church with shopping.  :]   I'm so evil


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