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bicyle fixing goon
Ok - this is no big deal for most folks, but for me...

Today, for the first time evah, i sat down, googled, and figured out how to: 
1. Adjust the brakes on my bicycle so they don't rub
2. Adjust the front derailleur so that it lines up with ALL THREE of my front gears.   I might be able to go up hills faster now.
3. Replace my pedals.  I had to find the right wrench.  I had one all the time, just had to find it the long way.  :)

Tomorrow is ride to work day.. my car in the shop for brakes and transmission shifter cleaning.

I have some developments going on at work about learning how to do a BLL a *Better* way (having attempted to do this since '99 and never getting very close).   I really am trying to be a professional software engineer now.    Took long enough.. 18 years?  :)


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