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Good things this weekend

Trip to IKEA ..  got 2 dressers + some stuff.    Came in $100 under budget!   Whee!  
Putting the dressers together.. wifeling puts the screws in, I use the powertools to finish 'em.   Dresser + 6 drawers in 45 minutes.  Nice.


Dinner at wife's parent's place (whole family gathered together).  Q fell asleep on the floor (he was at NewSong Music Festival, came home, went for a bit, passed out.)    It was fun hanging out with them.   I rode my bicycle there and back.

Judo.  I watched it online at, midnight to 4am going into Sunday.  I would love to watch every day, but I can't afford that sleep-wise.   TaeKwonDo should be coming up pretty soon as well.

Dressers.   Reorganizing clothing.  Folding socks with my wife.   Playing catch-the-shoestring with the cat. 

Taking dogs for a drive in the car.   Being assertive.. rules boundaries limitations.. thank you Caesar Milan Dog Whisperer.   Dona snapped at me, didn't phase me, 2 minutes later she was my buddy again.

Wife is now getting ready to take me to pick up my car from the transmission place.   Solenoid, or not to Solenoid, that will be the question. 


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