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2nd full time biking to work
I rode my bicycle in to work this morning, and back again.   About the same amount of time... no speed improvements... but it sure was easier.  The hills don't seem as big anymore.  The two toughest were Old Harrod's Creek near Owl Lane and just going down 146 for a little stretch, I topped 170 bpm on the heart monitor both times.  

I took a lighter pack with me this time - Molly and I made an investment in some crazy towels from Quest Outdoors.  Pack very small, and soak up water like nobody's business.  My towel was hardly wet after drying myself off from the shower.

They've added me to the bicyclist list at work.. i can enter through the garage entrance, right next to the shower. :)    Priviledge!

Here's to doing it again next week, weather permitting!


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