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My evening of tech-geek-playing has not gone so well.   I spent most of it installing Visual Studio 2008.
But, i did get to torture the cat while I waited.   And cooked taco's, and bake a pie.  And corn on the cob.  And dice tomatoes.  And a kiwi.

The kid got home, and he and his mom promptly left on "what was important to him", which was to get his friend Nick. I don't think he's going to eat any of the food that I made.  I knew this was a possibility, and it hasn't happened yet, I'm projecting.  I just need to be okay with it - I know my wife will join me, in the least.   Gifts freely given, and all that.

On the other hand, its looking like rain on Thursday.  That means, no riding bicycle to work - which gives me an extra 2 hours. Might be I can do some programming for fun then.

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But the child DID eat it and he even tried the pie!

SUCCESS all around.

ya beet me to it.. i was going to update.

Yes.. the kid not only ate it, but he FINISHED THE FRICKING PAN. Definitely a success.

*is glad*

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