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Playing with technology
In an effort to revitalize and currentize my skills, I've started a once-a-week geeky dev night for myself.  Tonight was the first night...

So far
I installed Virtual PC 2007 to host my dev box.
I installed a copy of Windows Server 2003 as the OS.  I wish I had a copy of Vista lying around, it would be good practise, but I don't. :(
And that was pretty much as far as I got.  It takes a long time to download all the service packs and stuff like that.

Up in the pipe
as I don't have an MSDN license, i'm going to try to stay legal - C# 2008 express edition.
I'll probably use TortoiseHg as my source control.

I have two projects that I want to work on -  I'll go ahead and write about them, if somebody else chooses to do them (or they have already been done), then that's okay, I can find other things to write. :)

- Burndown - something that I can track work left on a project, so that I can make pretty graphs like this:  http://www.mountaingoatsoftware.com/alt_releaseburndown

- InterativeSync - something I can use to keep multiple computers in sync, using a USB key, where the key size is less than the size of what i'm keeping in sync. Ie, it stores "most important changes" and I can take that between home and work etc.  Over time, all items get synced.  

8:26pm, so now its time to order pizza.  :)  Good first day's worth of puttering.   Its very different when there is no deadline.

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Have you tried Git? http://git.or.cz/

Or for Git Hosting http://github.com/

Chris M.

Actually, I have. Lack of an easily discernible windows client has slowed me down there, as TortoiseHg is a similar architecture (mercurial), i figure i'd go with that.

I might try git in the future when I see more support for my current OS of income choice. :)

Although.. there is more stuff now.. msysgit? Bears investigation.

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