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Thoughts on mobile needs
(also testing out posting via email)
My phone (LG Env Vx9900) is coming up for renewal.. actually might
already be available for renewal. Yet, trying to figure out what to get
next.. its a pain.

So, popping back out.. what are my needs?

- I want to be able to send/receive phone calls, and Text Messages.

- I want/need to be able to access the web in semi-native fashion:
Gmail, Hiveminder, Google Calendar are musts. (currently, can't do
Hiveminder - does not support my mobile web browser)
Twitter would be nice
Inexpensive is very important.

I'm tired of the BREW web browser app that is on my phone; it would be
nice to be able to run Opera Mini or some other such full-featured

- I want a QWERTY keyboard for text messaging / web browsing.
This is a must.

- I want to stay inexpensive
Currently, we're on a family plan.. everything put together, three
phones, around $220. It would be good to stay in that plan.

- Decent Camera
Comparable to the one I have right now -- 2 megapixel (though I
limit myself to 1.2 to email the pics) auto-focusing.

- WiFI capable?
This is like a "dream" :)

The problem is: Verizon does BREW apps, and most of verizon's phones
will NOT run anything other than what Verizon supplies for them - which
is woefully inadequate. Talk about stone age. Feh. It seems that
about the only thing that Verizon has that is relatively "open" are the
smartphones (Windows Mobile) or the Blackberries.

One possibility that I am seriously considering is to "split" apart my
feature set:
#1 - go down to a bare bones phone which only does phone and text (ie,
keep what I got, pretty much)
#2 - get a really small ultra-portable laptop to hook up via WIFI or
other network to do all the internet-type things on. Examples:

#3 - get the cable/plan so i can use the phone for internet access (if
its not already built in to the laptop)

However, it also comes back to price. Is it worth it? How much is it

*sigh*. Ok, so that's where my head is at. Back to code now.

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Hi Sunny!
I'm currently up for an upgrade myself. I currently have a LG VX5300 with Verizon Wireless. I hope to get a phone with a little better camera than the one I have now. Would like one with GPS capability. Also would like Mobile Web capabilty so I can view a weather radar map whenever, wherever I can. That's the extent of my internet stuff over the phone, save for sending pictures to email addresses. I'll use my computer for any other internet needs. Liked your BMX story. Reminded me of my younger days with my bike. The only time I ever ride a bike now is with my brother in Batesville, IN on rare occassions. There are wide open country roads there with not much traffic. I used to have lots of fun as a kid (1974ish for me) riding my bike there with my brother and cousin. We used to bring a portable cassette tape recorder (we were absolutely fascinated with a cassette tape recorder back then) with us to record our adventures. I would give anything to stumble upon one of those tapes again! Well, anyways, take care Sunny. Hope to see you this Friday.

[Feel free to mock me and my suggestion. :) ]

If you're not stuck on verizon, I have to recommend the iPhone. Best web browser, wifi, phone, txt (admittedly no SMS just text messaging), camera is okay, and the keyboard is actually great once you get used to it. :)

As for price.

$200 for the phone with a 2yr agreement. My wife and I have a family plan for $130 a month, 700 minutes, unlimited data, unlimited nights & weekends + unlimited mobile to mobile. So calls to AT&T folks are free.

Looks like additional lines over 2 add $30. So $160 for 3, more if you add in More messaging.

(less if you have any corp discount :)

This concludes my spamming of your livejournal, tune in next time when I'll have a bridge to sell you. :)

Chris M.

:) yes, actually considering iphone. I'd have to leave the family's contract, though, so that might incur additional expenditure.

There is a considerable WAF on the iPhone.
AT&T would have to burn in hell before she would allow it (she being ME, the wifeling).

I have a serious distain for Cingular/AT&T and it pains me so.

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