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BMX - what it really meant
Been reflecting.

1982-ish: (I was probably 11)

When I was a kid, I rode my bike a LOT.  I was not very daring.. did not play bicycle collision derby like other kids did .. didn't like pain.  
The college (CUC) was building a guest house behind our home, and one day, when I got back from school, i found a paradise of hills and valleys and the *perfect* bike paths going down a hill.. the centerline of the treads of a bulldozer through wet ground that had later hardened.

I rode that at least three or four times.. breakneck speeds.. thrilling!   And then, disaster struck -

"CHotuuuuuuu!   undur aa or khana kha!"  (Sunju, come in and eat your dinner!)
"But MOOOOOM... I want to ride this!!!!!"
(etc, whine whine whine)

In the end, I was placated that I'd be able to play with it again in the future.. so I dropped my bike on the ground where it was and went in and ate.  Probably chicken with spinach and rice, side of ketchup. 

The next day, struggled through school.. waiting to get home.. get home and...  

disaster.  They had finished bulldozing the side of the hill.  It was now car-driveable and all that.    Feh.

After that, I pretty much gave up on bicycle excitement.  If I couldn't have the best, it wasn't worth anything, so screw them all.   Life was out to get me.  Etc.  (Perhaps, this was the start of my teen angst rebellion.)

2008-ish (26 years later?)

I had Sunday afternoon free, so I asked Q if he'd like to do anything, since I hardly ever get to spend time with him.  He suggested the BMX track.  We went. (see previous post).

I got to ride my crazy hills again.
My inner child was satisfied.
I fell, scraped my knee, and it was trivial.

I can go eat dinner now (and live) in peace, without leaving anything behind.  

Life is good.


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