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Went with Q to the Tom Sawyer BMX park.    Was very fun!

- Apparently course in Louisville is one of the better ones in nation?   They are holding the NBL grand nationals here.. we might go see.  youtube video
- I took to the course..  first time, no wheelies.. second time, front tire took some air.  third time, fell. fourth time, I actually got some air!   Was medium comfortable by the time we left.    Man, Peroxide sure made my knee erupt in white gunky stuff.
- Andrew (Q's friend) was there.  He and his dad helped Q switch out his pedals.. it was a fun, helpful atmosphere. 
- Met some little kids who are in the "Expert" category.  Damn, they could really get some air.

Good fun!  Oh, and yesterday, I got to mix about 6 songs together to make a 2 minute dance troop thing for a friend's daughter's thingy.  It was way fun.

Life is Good.  I need a nap.


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