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Breakfast with Recovery Friend from Iowa
(composed while I feel reflective; emailing to self to post later)
I had breakfast with my friend Jane from Iowa.   She and her daughter were passing through Louisville on their way to North Carolina, we met at the Waffle House so they could have grits.  We seem to do this once or twice a year... its a nice time to stop and reflect. 

OMG Emma is the same size as Jane now!   How kids grow.
I was struck by how.. much more grounded(?) I am now.  Its like.. I *know* the patterns of my life here now.. and I'm at peace (more or less) with the majority of what's going on in my life. 
Life at home is pretty smooth - now that I'm seperating out "personal time" in the morning before I leave so I don't feel cheated out of it in the evening.
Work is pretty smooth - now that I have perspective on "career", realizing that i need to spend time developing my skills outside of work, so I can continue to bring in a good paycheck for another 20 years.  And, I have good boundaries, and I know how to be professional and do the next right thing and ask when I don't know.
Spirituality is pretty smooth - now that I've let go the need for a church to be my spiritual connection.  I find my spirituality in recovery and things like, oh, golf, and, oh, friendships in recovery.. and now church can just be community.  We're looking at going to Molly's parent's church, because Q knows a lot of those kids and enjoys being with them, and it works for us.   (We'll go again this week, anyway)
Evening life is pretty smooth - see #1 above.  With Molly's current commitment to exercise, most evenings seem to start off with a trip to the Y, followed by food, followed by TV, followed by Bed.   TV is specifically something that M+I watch (like SYTUCD) or something I watch (UFC, etc), and sometimes its just channel surfing.   I get my time on the computer to check email and do posts and stuff like that in the morning.  
So, yah, life is good!  
I'll post about my ongoing education at some time in the future.  I gots a list.  I gots some projects.  It starts with a book review for a publisher.

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Hey Sunny-- I just wanted to say hi and say that I also LOVE SYTYCD. Love love love it. I always dance around the house after watching it.

Re: Hello!

Oopsy-- from Darci.

:) good to hear from you!
Your last journal entry at Oscar's site was very thoughtful and aware.. way to go Darci!

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