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Garbootifulunctious day
Today has been a GREAT day.

I felt comfortable in my skin .. pretty much all day!

we had a great session cleaning the house. Having done 3 sessions now, things are starting to "stay" in shape. Very very very very VERY good.
We worked on the basement.. that's starting to take shape.

I delivered the Wii that I sold. Deposited money from the sale of the Wii and the Xbox360. More $ for future dreams... Talked about the future list of expenses with the wifeling. Figured out some priorities, for the next few months. Interestingly, WaCOM tablet might trump dresser. :] I love clarity and a plan

Enjoyed time with my wife at Incredible Dave's while the kids were running around like maniacs. Later on at home Wife noted that Kid has been good. He has a friend who'se been VERY VERY snarky.. and he's finding that to be not so cool.. and might have made the connection with his own snarkiness. Anyhoo, the snark that was there since Thursday, today is gone. (Me - i noticed he was being much more feelings- oriented and concerened about his friend as opposed to focusing on tearing other people down so he could be big.)

Led the meeting tonight. 'twas very good. Will be the new contact person for the group. There was an Alateen there (who likes UFC), he and I and another guy totally bonded. We talked about difficulties in dealing with teenagers... we are not alone! I like my Saturday night group. *happybounce*

Watched UFC tonight. Jesse Taylor did well! Pulled his life back together. Found out that Forrest ___ his fight against Rampage. This makes me very happy. I like ____. And CB did the Peruvian Necktie! Go CB! I don't particularly like you, but you fought a good fight, so Kudo's to you. My lady let me watch it in peace, she played Sim City and stuff like that upstairs.

Ok, time to bed. I need to switch my internal clock so that:
5am = early
6am = just right
7am = luxurious sleep

love love happy joy good good night!
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