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Pictoral Update
Thanks to my beautiful wife, I found, and I created this:

Recent Activity

1. the place is called dakshin.. very nice, 2. book i would get for mark or for myself if played guitar again, 3. enjoying my favorite chili colorado beef at el acapulco in lagrange ky, 4. driving new rt 393... first time for us!, 5. My weight as of July 8 2008, 6. kids on a rock, 7. cute sign, 8. cool display of specialty coke bottles, 9. safety coffee booth in ohio rest area..., 10. the big meeting., 11. my first ever room service.. holy *** thats big., 12. volunteer work: pimping love gifts at afgintl2008, 13. Discovering Choices - AFG new book, 14. dad's $35 breakfast.. he gathers cleans chops mom makes the omlette, 15. arrived ikea... lots emptier than last visit., 16. closeup of my dish- blackberries and kiwi

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Life is good.

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Really liked your pictures, especially the fishing sign. I love to fish and eat what I catch, so that hit home with me. Thanks for posting that.

Looking at your pictures.

Oh, I forgot to tell you I was at local Batesville Public Library when looking at your pictures and had to contain myself from laughing out loud when I saw your fishing sign picture:) Thanks again.

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