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Life focii
Well, here I was going to write up a long post.. and now I'm out of time. *sniffle* Short version instead.

Suffice it to say.. sometimes, the amount that things are scrunched together.. gets to me.. and I get very mean. I don't like that.

I'm *trying* to make the early morning into "my" time (everybody else asleep), but that's not easy unless I go to bed early. It helps to have coffee premade from the night before. I need at least 7 hours of sleep, 6 doesn't quite cut it.

I would say the top things in my life that I can focus on (other than work) are:
- Bicycling to work (planning route planning route.. get bike back next week wednesday)
- SATURDAY MORNING CLEANINGS! (really working. Wife and I bond, and the house gets cleaner. Yay!)
- SYTUCD watching with the wifeling.

Other things to think about:
- Kenpo. I need to spend more time on this, i'm not retaining the moves very well.
- Recovery. Trying to rearrange my schedule, pick up a weekday meeting. Slow interview process.
- Ongoing freecycling of stuff
- eating reasonably and healthy

Not even on the radar right now:
- trying to consistently be there for the Q'ster.. kicking ball around, etc.
- jogging.. has fallen by the wayside. I can't let it do that.
- working out.. has fallen by the wayside. I can't let it do that.

Work is great, yet sucks. I am having to go 100% full speed at work, and that leaves me very drained by about 3-4pm. It takes me several hours to recover and feel after that. Its hard to go at 100% for extended periods of time.

Last night, just for myself, i hooked up my guitar in the basement and played some. I might try to get a Rush cover songs book or something like so I don't have to figure everything out by ear.

Ok, 8:22am. I better get moving. Still have to shower.

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I think it's very noble of you to want to bicycle to work. I don't mean to scare you out of it, but just this past Wed., July 16 someone bicycling to work, who works at the same location, but different building, as I, accidently got hit by a vehicle and was pronounced dead on the scene. Very tradgic, I thought. People are actually dying because of high gas prices and the powers that be don't seem to care. Sorry for spewing my politcal view. Anyways, as a friend, I would like to tell you to just be careful.

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