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Sorting the Lego's
We sorted Lego's last night. This is an artifact of having cleaned out the "room that collects crap" in the basement.

legos sorted!

If you click through, and look at the top left, you can see the walls of my model of one floor of the house. I've been too poultry to post pictures of it, but I'm going to have to pretty soon.

And.. Lucincia -- your question about guitar stuff.. plus this book: book i would get for mark or for myself if played guitar again plus the space in the basement to make mine.. i might leave a guitar out hooked up to an amp afterall. :)

I think the problem is, every time I build a cave, it looks like so much fun, that other people move in. *grin*

I'm excited, i'm going to ride my bicycle in to work today. 12.5 miles on side streets. Reminds me of training for RAGBRAI. Those were fun days.


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