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Late Night Update
Yeehaw! 2:30am! Tomorrow is my last day off, I return to work Wednesday morning. I had originally planned to get back from Pittsburgh today (stopping at Mom's on the way back), but decided to hightail it back on Sunday and keep Monday and Tuesday off.

What all can I say? Life is good!

I'm making some slight tweaks to my meeting schedule - going to keep my Friday and Saturday meetings, but swapping out Tuesday for a different one sometime M-Th. Looking for a meeting that has service work, that has a connection up the chain, that talks about solution. I went to the Monday night J-Town meeting, and its pretty good, about the only thing I don't like about it is, it doesn't do the "go around the room" thing for sharing. They are my plan "B", unless I find something better. I will continue to visit various meetings around the area. Definitely will not be doing an official service position for Saturday, I need them to be my "feel at home" group, but family takes priority over them.

the DR for that district (not the one I live in) invited me to their district meeting, which is Wednesday. Looks like I'll be going, I cleared it with my wife.

A buddy of mine, whom I know here in Louisville, teddy2112, just created a blog. I smile, because I recognize the 2112 in his username, I'm going to make a guess its a reference to Rush, which we went to see together.

My wife just finalized her return air ticket for a trip to FL she and her girlfriends are making in like September (to celebrate their collective birthdays). Woot! Just me and Q, baching it... oh man, it could be so bad, or so good. :)

ok. hee. Going to sleep here soon. Will sleep in tomorrow. Hope to see Hancock some time. love to all.



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