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Alanon International Convention: Saturday

Its interesting, as I go through the weekend.. I am VERY aware that one of the ways I deal with emotion (excitement, mostly) is.. I *BLOG* it.  its my way of reflecting on it.   So, man, I blogged the heck out of Thursday and Friday...

And now, i'm much more caught up.  I'm not as excited.  I'm very grateful, and content .. and the desire to blog is not there.   Yet, I started a series, my perfectionist asks that I continue.   Well, there are no musts in my recovery :)  I forgive myself for not blogging today in the way that I might have done before.

And then I go and I do it anyway... maybe... perhaps.

Moving things from the day that I'm willing to share:

- I participated in an Alanon welcomes People of Color meeting.   It was very good, very raw, very real.   Met a bunch of folks from there.. they were beautiful.
- I got my CD order in!  Special, 15 CD's for $7 ea ~= $105.    4 on the steps, several on things like building intimacy, family, sponsorship, being a GR, etc.
- I participated in the Luncheon.. sat with a bunch of my Iowa peeps, as well as a person from Olympia, WA.   We talked about food issues. :) I definitely have some.
- Luncheon - listened to a lady who was there when Lois died.   She was sharing her perceptions of the personalities of folks who've been at WSO.  Folks with 40+ years did 2 minute sharings. 
- I went to a thing on Humor.  It was a full room.  I.. did not get so much out of it.   Is okay.  I was getting "done"
- I went back to my hotel room for a 1 hour nap. 
- I went on an adventure .. slow walk up to Mellon Arena looking for icecream.  I found it in the form of a chocolate shake from McDonald's.
- I sat next to a couple from Ohio.. we talked about service work at the area level and district formation stuff.. things I had thought about back when I was DR.   They have like 50+ districts there!  The state I came from only had 15, and some of those districts were HUGE and it was hard to get around in them and get cohesion.   At least, that's my perspective, which I can totally be wrong and I'm open to being taught.  But! I'm not DR anymore, and I'm not involved right now, so table that for a few years.
- The big meeting was great! Had people sharing from Finland, South Africa, India, and Australia.   The Indian one was very good for me.. It gave me trust that recovery does apply to my Indian side as well.  Not sure what that means in action, but some part of me took great comfort.. I cried a bunch, it was good.
- At the beginning of the meeting, there was a countdown - the longest in the room was 57 years!   It was wonderful being in that much recovery.. I had to sit down at the 3rd call out, of "less than 10".  :)  I'm not used to ~8y that I have being a "newbie", but with this crowd, I was.   At other conventions, back when I was ~5y, it was like more in the middle.   Solid people.  They have what I want.
- I went to the dance!   I did not dance myself..  I'd rather do that with my wifeling there.  But I did play table tennis with a dude with a raquet ball and a pepsi bottle.. and I did talk to my Michigan peeps a bunch (crowd from Thursday).. and I saw some Kentucky peeps, and (proud of myself) walked over and hung out with them for a while.  Louisville and Fisherville!
- On my way back to the hotel for my phonedate with my wife, got a slice of pizza at this place and.. more Kentucky Peeps!    Hung out with them too.  Lexington and Richmond!

So.. ya.  Beautiful experience.  (insert prayer of gratitude here). 
I will not be doing a post for tomorrow, as laptop will be packed.
In case you read this .. thank you for listening!   may your life be wonderful.

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Hi Sunnny! Thanks for inviting me to your blog. I went ahead and created my own account. I'm having to retype this message again because it wouldn't let me send my original message until I validated my email address. I should have cut and paste, but I thought it would save it. Guess not. Anyways, sorry it took me so long to get here. Was in Batesville, IN this past weekend visiting with parents, brothers, nephew, cousins, and friends. Had a great time. Saw two fireworks displays, and been to two cookouts. One at my brother's house and the other at my parent's. Just got back to Louisville a little while ago. Still unpacking and folding laundry I did at my parent's. Thanks for the comments about the convention. Sounds like a great weekend of recovery. I didn't have time to read them all the way through, but I will come back to them and do so when I have more time. Thanks again for inviting me to your blog. Talk to you later. Ted E.

Re: Hi Sunny! From Ted

Ted! I added you to my friends list, so you can see my "locked" posts that only friends can see. Thank you for creating an account.. dude, that's like above and beyond. :)

Re: Hi Sunny! From Ted

No problem. Blogging looks like fun! I've never done it before. Thanks for introducing be to it. Well, I can't get to sleep right now even though I have to be at work at 6:00am tomorrow, so I decided to read rest of your blog about the convention. Please don't take that as an insult:)! I was touched by the part about being in the big meeting and getting in touch with your Indian self. It moves me when I see others embrace their innermost selves and be okay with that. Anyways sounds like a great weekend. Hope you had a safe trip back to Louisville. Talk to you later. Ted

Re: Hi Sunny! From Ted

Thanks dude! Ya, I'm back safe in Louisville. If you ever post anything on your blog, you can be sure I'll read it within the next few days.. also, there's communities on LJ for many different programs- as well as all kinds of hobbies.

See ya later this week!

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