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Alanon International Conference, Day .. 2? 1? Friday!
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(Writing this Friday night)

Wow, it feels like its been a year.. but its only been a day.    Some of the highlights... 

I met a BUNCHLOAD of my Iowa Peeps!  Including Dilly!  (and Becky, Connie, Debbie, Lorraine, and a bunch of others).. they were all wearing nice bright yellow shirts which made them easy to find.

Ever since I left Iowa, and moved to Louisville.. it had felt like I had left my program behind.   Well, this morning, on one side of me - Bob, guy from Louisville whome I know.  On the other side of me - John, guy from Minneapolis whom I know.   And next to him.. Ray, my sponsor from Iowa.   This truly is one program.  :)   Thank you HP for that moment of clarity.  Oh!  And turns out, I knew the fellow who lead the meeting in the morning!  He was a speaker at a conference in Iowa once.    And apparently I've met Rick before too (current executive director of Al-Anon), he lead a workshop on the Concepts at another Area thing that I was at once.   Its nice to... be at home.

Lunch was interesting.  I sat with Orville (TX), Jay (LA), and several other folks.. Ray called me to find where I was, and when we found each other, turned out we were 2 tables apart. *grin*  The food was provided by the convention center.. one pass buffet, it was okay, fried chicken .. idea being that most restaurants were closed for the fourth of July.

Volunteering at the love gifts table was great!   I got to dish out hugs and stuff.  Here's a picture of the loot: 
volunteer work: pimping love gifts at afgintl2008
I grabbed a few things for my home group.   Drawback - I could not go to the afternoon session as I was volunteering.  Is Ok, I cleared with the wifeling, will be getting several CD's from the conference. 

My sponsor and I clarified on the details of how we'll do our communication.   Pretty much like before - I'll email him with any crud going on, and then we do a once a week phone call where we talk about whatever's been going on. (in the past, it was a face to face meeting, but now it'll have to be on the phone).  That's ok.  I'm glad to be back in the fold again.  2 years without clear line of sponsorship has been.. kinda hard. 

I've been feeling the pull to get back into service work too.   However.. i'm no longer Mr Single.  If I commit to doing something for my Saturday night group, that makes two nights a week that I'm not available for family stuff.. and those are Friday and Saturday nights, which are prime family times.   So.. no decisions yet.   Will be talking to the sponz about that.   It might be that I'll switch groups to another night of the week.. perhaps Monday night...

Ooo!  Going to the big meeting at Mellon Arena - I was a greeter there, it was way fun, got to hug lots of people - ("left or right, concessions and restrooms, this spot is kinda full but if you go to the right there's plenty of open seats!") .  Took two pictures there, here's the feel of the place
the big meeting.0704081815.jpg

I was so taken by surprise! The family that shared (Alateen,, AA, Al-Anon) were from LOUISVILLE KY!  (which is where I'm from now).  I'd never heard of them before.   I might be looking up the Monday Night J-Town meeting.  Might work well with the above... we shall see.  

Talking to the speaker afterwards.. was a bit tough.  She's of the opinion that kids don't get a choice - as a responsible parent, since recovery is a gift to yourself, its selfish to withhold that gift from your kids and allow them not to go to Alateen.   ...   oo, brain hurt there for me, fuzzy nebulousness.    Hmm.   Will let that digest a while too.

After the big meeting, hooked up again with Iowa folks.. was telling my former DR (when I was a GR) about the whole service work thing.. even remembered, to ask her how her life is!   Found that my DR replacement has been doing wonderful and has totally been growing in her role.. which is great, I love TQ, she rocks.   We talked, and we walked, back to the conference center.. up to the roof, and hung out there for the fireworks. 

Once the fireworks started.. I was *done*.  I left, walked back to the hotel, had several misadventures involving keys, elevators, stairs, kitchens, and wet soggy backpacks.. and turned in for the night.

[Aww yuck. Voicemail - my recovery friend Sara just lost her Aunt.  Talked to her on the phone a bit. She's in a good place now. *hugs* to her.]
[Posting this in the morning from the Hilton lobby]


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