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Visiting Ames...
Having worked in Minneapolis all week, I stole down to Ames over the weekend.

*pause for reflection*

What is Ames to me now? Now that I've moved away? Why visit?
Its not the food
Its not the simplicity of life here
Its not Iowa State (although, I am staying at the ISU Memorial Union, which is a blast)

Its the people. That's why i'm here. There are certain people i've developed one on one deep relationships over time, and I wanted to stop by and refresh with them.

Pretty much, the rest of my life.. is in Louisville now. And, having been away from home for almost 7 days now.. i want to go back home.

However, while I was here, I got to:
- Go down to Des Moines and touch base with my former sponsor Ray.. oh that was wonderful. I cried tears of joy, it was so good to see him and spend time with him.
- Breakfast at Cafe Diem. Its changed.. the dude took out all the power outlets to discourage the laptop crowd. Food was good, but eh, i can leave that place behind.
- one on one time with Didraedimus.. he's in school now! fulltime! looks like a professor dude now! its awesome
- Saturday morning recovery meeting.. Oh yeah. Like, 15 big hugs... lots of people I know..
- Perkins for lunch. With a bunch of people I know! Audrey, Sara+Donna, Jeff, and then Diddy+Tiny both showed up. Cameron has grown, he's a big 13 year old now. Has opinions. Isn't afraid to express them. Its good.
- Jeff and I stole off for some one on one time over ice cream cones at Hickory Parks. He shaved his beard! OMG! He's doing well.

Then, i had some downtime. I took a nap, then I went out for a jog... but rain detoured me back to Cafe Diem, where I ran into Fred from the church. We had a long talk about how the church is doing.. ooh, some stuff going on there. Heather will be retiring in August, sounds like.

Jogging was fun.. ISU has this big outdoor wooded area with a path through it.. i think its like 1.5 miles around the circumference. I did it 1.5 times.. over half of it, took the shoes off and ran barefoot. not a lot of places I can do that, and I love it, although my feet were not quite used to it anymore. It was a great workout.

Then.. having had my personal time, I called Audrey, and we ended up at Culver's, and caught up there one on one.. she has a new job in Des Moines.. her son has moved mostly out of the nest ... it was good. Lots more there to tell my wife about. I love my wife.

Now, i'm at the MU typing this post on a Kiosk. My friend Sara gets done in Boone around 10, we're going to hook up after that, hang out, and go watch the Incredible Hulk.

Tomorrow morning is breakfast with Stu, duck in at the church, then head back to MSP to go home. HOME! yay.

Gina and Jose.. i've been thinking about you guys. Was contemplating giving you guys a call and visiting for a bit, and if i was staying another day, darn skippy i'd be calling you. I would have liked to have seen your new house. You've been there, what, 2 years? :)

I suspect I'm going to have to make a vhbabble visit sometime in the next year. I miss you guys. Darn this growing up and moving geographically thing.

love to all!

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I'll bet it was great to catch up with people. *hugs* I'm glad you were able to do that - some of us aren't so lucky! :)

Take care, Sunny! There is always another time to get together in the future!! :)

Thanks Kathy! Yep, I'm definitely looking forward to whenever I get to see you guys next.

Wow, sounds like your time in town was packed full of goodness! :-D

We've been here for a year, and we'll probably be here for another 2-3 before trading up. :) You're welcome to visit any time, and you'd have a place to stay.


Uh huh. Notice that it's the vhbabble crowd that responds to this. Who loves you and who did you not visit?? I'm jealous though. I haven't been home to Ames in years, and now I'm too sick to travel that far. It was good to read about your visit.

"now I'm too sick to travel that far"?

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