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fricking work filters
Well, my place of employment just kicked their work filters up to the next level -
before, it was standard firewall stuff - like any kind of IM, and youtube
now, its grown to include: 
   - flickr, twittr, livejournal, facebook
   - all the webcomics that I used to read (thank you URL history)
So far, they haven't touched gmail and google reader.
I understand why they are doing it - in a company mostly consisting of temps who are answering phones, they don't want people just "slacking off".    And I honestly don't have a legitimate reason to access any of those while i'm at work, other than mixing personal and work life together.    However, i'm still pissed off that they did it.
So.. i'm writing this post while I'm at work, and emailing it to myself, to post later.
I still get direct tweets to my phone via SMS, so that's good.   Some day, they'll probably take away cellphone access <-- ok, that's just me being bitter.

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Have you tried using a portable web browser on a thumb drive?

Yep, its at the firewall level, doesn't matter what I use.

What I'm leaning to now is using the browser on my cellphone.. need to find out what the rates are associated with that.

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