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Vising bd's Mongolian BBQ in Louisville, KY
Location: Just south I64 on Hurstbourne.

My girl and I went there like 2 weeks ago, when we were free from our "never wants to try anything new" young person. It was mondo fun! and good food..

But! ... I screwed up. When the guy asked me which one was mine on the grill, I pointed at the wrong one, and he put all my sauces on somebody else's food. This was the result: 

I ate it anyway. it was yummilicious. My girl was much more conservative in her portion size: Here she is, my cutie:


My Beautiful Wifeling .. hey, are those carrots? 


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lol My brother-in-law worked there. Love it despite the prices lol

God that place ROCCCCKKS SO MUCH. The kid would probably love it! I mean come on, you MAKE YOUR OWN STUFF there - he'd have fun! The last time I went, I was more adventurous (and STARVING) than I've ever been while there, and I put a dozen different things all together with the 'Mongolian Ginger' sauce and it was freakin' amazing, and I keep thinking about going back to try to recreate it exactly.

We have one in Indy...though it is a slightly scaled-down version of the one we used to go to in California. Fewer sauces and such. But it's still a great place. Yum.

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