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Excited about some video editing
Today was the Legend's last game for the season..
Coach T welcomed me putting a mic on him. I got nice high quality audio -- him leading the practise, the halftime talk, and the final talk of the season. I figure i'll make those bonus episodes on the DVD I'm putting together.

My plan is finish this current queue of initial editing, then go back through if I have time and:
- put the color correction filter on there (works wonders for cleaning up some of the contrast stuff)
- trim down even more dead space
- put in transitions: fade to black and back for "different" things, and a slide for related things. About 0.5 sec ea, but makes a big difference.
- re-render things for DVD - not sure, might have to play.

The DVD itself, I plan to have highlights from all 8 games, plus the bonus stuff above, and if there's time, a super-fast slideshow of the pictures M took (at like 1 picture a second).. hopefully can fit that all on a single DVD. If not, i'll use DVD shrink :)

umm. ya, that's the plan. We'll see. Deadline is this coming Monday Night.
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