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Bombing another presentation
I am feeling incredibly bummed right now.

I guess.. i was hoping to show stuff that I find cool, to other people... the presentation was about Profiling tools, and how to use them.

I must not be much of a presenter. Pretty much, flat audience, except for John, who is a great learner. Also, the video totally bombed (did not record) (Thank you CamStudio), so the other folks who were interested in it who couldn't be there.. bah.

I also found out that the section of my talk on using Wireshark to find out what traffic one's app is generating.. is 100% against corporate IT policy, punishable by termination. um... oops. That put some fear into me. Fear is not good.. it is the ____-robber... something like that.

I wanted to be dynamic and fun.. :(

Oh well. I tried, right? Beyond what most people would do for their work.. as this is on a volunteer basis, because I *want* people to be able to work smarter. Every time, i do a presentation of some sort, and it bombs, and every time, I think, I'm done, and then another opportunity comes up where I know something to share... fast forward to the end of the loop - yah, i'll do it again. If somebody wants to learn something, and I can teach/share it, I will, if asked. More emphasis on the "if asked" part.

In other news - i haven't logged crap for what i've eaten recently; I haven't worked out at all, and I'm stressed about not having time to video edit my log of stuff. (not true, i have slated wednesday evening for that). (I think social instinct is kicking my ass lately. I'm trying to find self-meaning in all the wrong places. I probably need to get to more AFG meetings, i've been averaging 1 every other week)

So.. cheers, and have a wonderful day.

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**hugs** don't give up, sunny. just take it one (presentation) at a time.
i know i feel better if i get to at least one AFG a week. :-) take care!

my heart goes out to you as you grieve over whiskey. be gentle with yourself.

Yep! .. went to a meetin' tonight, in a much better mood now. LONG LIVE THE CRAZY VIDEO EDITING SUNNY!

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