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Indian Buffet Guilt, and Proud of it.
Went to India Palace for lunch today. I took pictures. Note that these are all small salad plates.

The boldfaced onces are the ones that were worth it.
The red ones are the ones that probably were not worth it.

0520081155.jpg Salad - Cucumber, Lettuce, Tomato, Fruit Salad (73), Samosa (140).
0520081206.jpg Rice (320), Curry Chicken, and The Other Chicken.
0520081216.jpg Naan (2 pcs, second piece not pictured ) (250), some more chicken. (All Chicken I estimate about 200 cal)
0520081235.jpg Gulab Jamoon (150)

Note that the sugar packet is entirely a coincidence - I used it to compare sizes, not to pour on the J-ball.
In the future, I'd probably substitute the fruit salad for another samosa, and skip the rice.
Estimate probably 1200 calories for that meal. Although, it kinda feels like 800. Hard to tell with buffets.

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Uhmmhnnhnnn, naan. I need to go out of my way for some Indian food soon.

I don't think you can call it "guilt" if you're proud of it. :D

All that chicken with sauce might be more than 200 calories... ;)

Looks tasty though - if I still ate chicken, which I don't. Luckily, there is some really yummy veg Indian food. *drool*

You vege-terranian, you.

:) dropped a bit o weight, even with being a piggly wiggly.

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