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Whiskey the Cat - hunting mice in the spirit world
I had her put to sleep today. We did it in the best way I could think of - took her outside, to a big patch of sunlight and grass.. cuddled her, stroked her, nuzzled on her as she passed on. It was very quick.. about 15 seconds from when I said "go ahead". The vet (Dr Loster) cried along with me (though he tried to hide it).. two grown men, in a field, with a cat, crying.

It was a straightforward but tough decision. We could have "fixed" her - but all her internal systems had already been jeopardized - would need additives to get everything to work right. Plus, we don't know why she went unstable - so nothing to say she wouldn't go unstable again. It was not because of how we gave her shots, he assured me - we did the right thing, when she stopped eating, to slow down on the shots as well. She stopped eating about wednesday last week, we think.

As I walked away, and gave a last few pets to her still-warm body.. the tears came up. I locked myself in the car, made sure nobody around, then I bawled like i have only bawled once or twice before. It lasted several minutes.

We should get her ashes here in the future soon.

I have several memories of her that I want to commit to paper/blog.. and some videos.. i don't know .. its hard for it to come out right now. There's no need to rush grief.. so, yah, sometime in the future.

Or maybe some of it now.

  • She would steal Molly's straws from her drinks.
  • She would play fetch with me with bottlecaps.
  • When I had a mobile home, I would put a fitted bedsheet around one of the heater vents, which would puff up, and she would crawl into the puff and get very purringly warm. My feet would join her, we'd sit like that for a long time.. me reading a book or something.
  • She would go hunting fieldmice, and bring me back the tasty bits. I would freak out. She saw me freak out. Then she only brought me full complete fieldmice, with no blood.
  • She would sit on my chest as I would be propped up in bed.. one paw on each side of my neck, and very insistently groom my beard.

She was one of the most.. honest? .. straightforward, bull-headed, loving cats I have known.

Bless you beautiful, and thank you for many years of your company. May your spirit spread back into the cat-ness.. and know that you are loved.


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I'm so sorry to hear about your kitty.

(Deleted comment)
She will be playing in heaven with my kitties that have passed I hope. Keeping each other company =) Just keep the memories close so they don't get away. That's what I try to do. *hugs*

:) She sure is.
Yah, i've got some video and pictures to put together.

I would love to see them if possible. She seemed lilke a well-loved kittie :)

Aw, sorry to hear about this. Go in peace, spirit-kitty.

That picture seems so Sunny: a happy kitty, curled up next to...a wireless router, on a comfy-looking quilt. Hee.

thanks.. yah, at the tie, i was taking a picture of the router, not the cat. :)

I am so sorry to hear about your loss *HUG* It makes me get weepy, because of us having to do the same thing not too long ago. Here's to the sun shining again soon. I'm sure she'll still visit...just not like how she used to.

I am sure you will hear a quiet purr comforting you when you need it most.
My well wishes.

Oh, Sunny... my heart goes out to you. *HUGS* She was such a great companion to you and I'm sure that she is still with you in spirit.

just now seeing this

(Yeah, I don't get on LJ much)

I'm sorry - big hugs to you! I love the pic. :)

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