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Chatting it up at the Y
In the past, when I went into the Y, especially at the locker room.. its like, i'm hiding in a little shell, i don't want anybody to see me, and I got resentful at the people chatting away with each other...

Today, something was different. I sauntered in, said "Good Morning" to the various people in the locker around me, and did my stuff.. ended up chatting with a guy named Rob, who goes there about every day. Wished each other good workouts. I was much more comfortable. I don't think anything changed, other than me allowing people in. :)

My workout was a good one, because I showed up and did it:
5 minutes walking at 3mph => 117 avg heart rate (climbed to 124)
5 minutes walking at 4mph => 137 avg heart rate (climbed to 148)
5 minutes jogging at 5mph => 148 avg heart rate (climbed to 165)
+ various weight lifting things (3 exercises, 2 of them to muscle exhaustion)

These are higher heartrates than normal - I find that in the morning, i have a higher heartrate, most likely due to dehydration.

I am now at work, and generally getting annoyed at QA people who don't know how to communicate (he's trying, its just not happening), and at code that makes my brain bleed that I'm about to rewrite.