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damned donut! .... on a bike!

I succumbed. There were donuts at work today. I ate a yummy choclate cake glazed dunkin donut. 230 calories, says dailyplate.

Not so bad. But, as I ate it, i was very aware.. how was my body reacting? The truth is, my body is much happier eating a ham/turkey/cheese sandwich .. which I just did ate for lunch. However, the boss didn't bring in ham/turkey/cheese sandwiches.. he brought in donuts.

I ran through a bunch of the calorie counting sites out there.. and they always come back around 2100-2400 cal/d to keep my current weight. Now, on days that I track it - i'm usually around 2200.. and yes, i do loose just a bit here and there. However, those off days - weekends... unstructured.. opportunities for ice cream and dinner with buddies.. oh, it can be bad.

Here's a graph of data collected through dailyplate (which is where i'm counting calories now - having moved on from both fitday and sparkpeople):

So, yeah, to loose weight, i'll have to keep it consistently under 2000. Even on weekends. Yowch.

In related news, I've been thinking about riding my bicycle. I despise going for rides with no purpose - I'd rather, say, bicycle to the grocery store to get groceries or something like that. Problem is, there's no good way from here to there...

But I think I have found a way to ride the bicycle over to the YMCA. Here's my thought:
Link to Google Maps
The Blue and Green are easy to ride (low traffic or sidewalk)
The Red stuff is where the bad traffic is. Some of it is unavoidable - and I don't like it.
I'm thinking if I swing into Crestwood, at least that's slower than KY-22.
and the stretch of highway up by the interstate, that has wide shoulders.
So, it might be doable. About a 10-15 mile ride roundtrip.
I'll go visually inspect the shoulders first.
Might do that this weekend, if weather permits.

Yeah, so.. life is good. :)


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