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Lunchtime wrapping up to an end here... I paid bills.. [scheduled] pay off the Kohl's card that we got while getting dressed for the funeral a bit ago. Loathe to go back into work mode.. waiting for an interrupt that feels like it will strike any moment now...

Last night, i worked more on the model. I have some pics on my phone, will have to wait to upload them. (If I get a seperate camera some day, i'd like it to have Wifi capability, reduce that delay!) This first part is almost done!

Got the white bricks from Ebay.. after some cost analysis, i realized i'm paying probably the same price as if I ordered from directly. SO! in the future, i'll be estimating more of my model in LegoDesigner (which works MUCH better at home with a real internet connection) and computing brick orders from that. I'll definitely use LegoDesigner to make my furniture and just order the right bits in the right colors from Lego.. the cost is fairly low.

Also.. the kid was inspired to work more on his models. It hurt a bit when he asked to use the bricks that I just paid so dearly for.. then I realized i was living in scarce-land, whereas the reality is plentiful. Talking with M last night.. Kid used to not care about colors, but now his mind is more organized and the colors matter, so its a good thing! So, yah, I think ordering stuff from + adding stuff for him to the order is a definite yes.

Just not right now. Got some budgetary cooldown to do first.

I've been thinking about how I'm going to stage the house models - there's 4 pieces alltogether, i'm working on the first one. There's an article about modular housing - they've kinda got a standard on how to do it - my model is larger than their standard, but i can use some of the concepts - especially the one about building "lift off" components using technics to join things. I'm also going to have to build my own flooring rather than using the green plate(s) to get the stairs right. Fun Fun!

So next up is:
- redo model so that the walls we want to tear down are, well, tear-down-able. Probably make all non-load-bearing walls be removable, and just anchor them in at the roof + floor.
- add one more layer to the model to get the ceiling hight up to 8' (right now it stops at the top of the door ~= 6')
- print out on cardstock/cut up floor pattern, cut to size, and put down for the floor (yah, its kinda "cheating", but cost effective, and works for what I need it for.)
- work on whatever furniture that I can, LDD's for those that I don't have parts for.

With the next purchase:
- change floor out for something made from flats
- better furniture as needed
- Move on to Kitchen or Upstairs. :) .. probably design them in LDD first, then order the parts directly.



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