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Soccer blogs on a bike
My lady has started a soccer blog - Tales of a Soccer Parent. Go check it out! Subscribe! I love my wife.

Q and I went for a bikeride today.. 5 miles roundtrip, to Sonic.. PS, a Rt 44 Ocean Water does not survive well in a bouncing rear carrying cage of a bicycle going over bumps. The cool thing is, well heck, we spent time together, but other than that...

I had my heart rate monitor on. About 155 heartrate when I'm toodling along with moderate effort.. the kind that I can keep up for a very long time. Holy crapungus! And when going uphill, i'd spike up to 165, 166.. have to eventually drop back down to normal peddling, back to 155. These are way higher than I was expecting.. and it tells me a few things:

- Based on how comfortable I was, my heart is pretty happy at 155. I don't have to worry about those kinds of high numbers.
- My system kicks over to anaerobic at around 158, 160. This is not bad, its just a good thing to know. Its a lot higher than the 135 that I thought it was.
- My month of trying out the lower heartrates is now up. I didn't really see an improvement.. so now I'm going to keep working out, but allow heartrates up to 160.
- I'll do the crazy anaerobic training some other quarter. Not right now.

Other cool stuff I did - i was bored on Friday waiting for my meeting to start, and I had the jigglies... so I walked up and down 18 flights of stairs (6 floors of a parking garage).. 3 times over. Total of 54 flights up, 54 flights down, each flight being about 8 feet up. Damn my calves hurt. But it was good exercise. I will do that again.

Life is good! On to Video editing.. Monopod was excellent today on the video camera.

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well done

nice work, man

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