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Jack.. Black.. He's a Lego Maniac... <-- wasn't that a commercial a while ago?
Replace with: Sunny... Hunny... he's a crazy Lego Bunny!
Updated to include pictures

I've been inspired by a subscription to GeekDad who in turn post stuff from Brothers Brick.

2 nights ago, with the gentle blessings of my wife (I love my wife!), I dug out Q's LEGO collection, and started sorting, and in some cases cleaning. Q stopped playing his video game, came over and joined me, and played a bit. It was fun. He was on the phone with his GF the whole time, which was kinda neat - he'd constantly tell her "I can't talk right now" (because I might hear something I'm not supposed to). That's cool. Sorted about 30% of it.. pulling out only certain kinds, shoveling the rest into another tub.

Yesterday, I started playing with that-which-I-had-sorted. My desire is to make a scale-model replica of our house. Oh man, it was fun! I was running up and down the stairs, taking measurements.. Herein lies the problem - What scale?

The scale problem is documented here.

If I go with Minifig height scale, then its about 1 stud = 1 foot. However, I then end up with a 36" door becomes 3 studs, which is really frickin' small. Everything seems crowded up... the lego minifigures all end up looking like Fat Bastard. Not useful.

So, instead, if I go with 1 stud = 6", then the vertical component, the minifigs are all midgets. Additionally, my 15' room takes up 30 studs, and I run out of lego floor space.

Having tried it in both dimensions, i've come to a conclusion:
  • I will use two different scales:
    • Horizontal, i'll use 6" => 1 stud, making doors 6 studs wide.
    • Vertical, i'll use something such that table hight = lego minifig height. About 1' per regular lego block height might about work, we'll see.

  • 2. I will have to buy more Lego's.
    • Lego.com has stuff, but...
    • Ebay has MORE stuff! oh my god. Lots of lego bulk things there. In like black and white! That's what I need, consistent color... and baseplates, lots of baseplates..

Q played Lego's last night with me too. (took all my good pieces.. feh). He made an awesome two-story house... he now has the patience to figure out some of those design challenges, a lot better than he was 2 years ago when we first met. I took some pix, they're in my camera. I'll update this post and "move it back up front" when I attach pictures. Updated!

Quinn's Lego CreationsQuinn's Lego CreationsQuinn's Lego CreationsQuinn's Lego CreationsQuinn's Lego CreationsQuinn's Lego Creations

All in all.. life is Good. *bounce*


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OMG. And I thought that I was a freakus! *LAUGHS* I am so happy I have company in my insanity! :D

You're awesome, Sunny! :)

You do Lego too? Awesomeness

I ended up changing scale. 9" = 1 stud makes a 36" doorway into 4 pips.. and its mostly working! I'm off by a pip or two somewhere due to rounding errors, but for the most part, after making the furniture.. it feels crowded just like the real rooms do!

Hmm.. rapidly running out of bricks. Ebay... ebay...

duh, you were talking about your fascination with Pullips.. not Lego's.
Man, i am so one-track-minded at times!

*hugs* Yep, you have company in your insanity!

Actually, I was referring to any and all of my obsessions! :D

Older Monster's costume is ALMOST done! I wish you guys could come... I think you would enjoy these things as much as we do! *laughs*

*HUGS* Friends in insanity is always good company. *winks*


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