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Breakfast with a friend
This morning, I met one of my recovery buddies for breakfast at the Waffle House.

When I lived in Ames, used to have breakfast at least once a week with a recovery buddy. It was a great time for getting caught up, and talking about what was going on in our lives, what was bothering us, and more importantly, getting to the "living in the solution" (not just griping). I was really starting to miss it out here, especially when M's Popaw started to go -- i didn't have anybody (other than my wife) to share that level of stuff with.

I had tried to do that a couple of times since I got to Louisville, but finding people who have quality recovery.. can be daunting. Fairly hit and miss.

Not so today! We had a wonderful breakfast, and we compared notes on competitiveness with our children, financial insecurity, hard-to-deal-with coworkers, and all kinds of good stuff. I feel like I have shared fully, and I have been heard, and I hope I was able to do the same for him as well.

We're going to aim for doing this again next week. Very happy! I found a buddy to talk to.