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Test post

a. I’m doing a test post from Open Live Writer, the blogging software I like to use.

b. I’m including an image. I don’t know what LJ will do with it.


c.  I’ll probably be posting some non-technical, possibly whiney / bitchy stuff here.  Its a place I can compose articles to.. and later I would link to them on Facebook.  Easier than using FB’s post editor.   Its me dealing with the election results.

Tale of Two Kushners and 25 Denunciations

imageRecently I posted a Kushner-positive article -- http://www.forbes.com/sites/stevenbertoni/2016/11/22/exclusive-interview-how-jared-kushner-won-trump-the-white-house/#445a9bd82f50

In it, i was impressed with JK’s humility, and his intelligence, etc.   I was hoping to find somebody whom I could feel.. confident in?  that they would help guide things in good directions, where good was defined loosely, and by me. (its always good to the do-er, right?)

I read this article, written by him a while ago:  http://observer.com/2016/07/jared-kushner-the-donald-trump-i-know/   … okay, that’s good, I have hope!  Maybe I’m wrong about the P.E.!

Later, I found another article.  (I tried to find it again, and .. no luck).  It was a bit more negative .. talked about his conversion of what the Observer used to be to what it is now..  it cast doubts, regarding what drives him (which is rather silly).   What I got from that article was – Kushner - a person willing to go to any lengths to pursue a particular agenda, while using spin to make things look good.  And I wish I could find the frickin article again. I’ve gone through my history on my phone, and .. ah well.   Yes, this is a weak link, and this whole post is bogus because of it.   

However, one thing that stuck out to me was, the phrase, “Donald Trump has denounced them 25 times” (re racist thingies).  The same phrase was used in the forbes link above.  The number 25 keeps getting used.  I thought, “man, I’d love to find all 25 of them.”   I started searching.

That lead me to this Salon article --  http://www.salon.com/2016/11/22/donald-trumps-still-not-really-denouncing-racism-by-the-alt-right-despite-what-he-told-the-new-york-times/ --  and this ThinkProgress article -- https://thinkprogress.org/trump-hate-a0171a960305#.lbxu4xjbe .. (excerpt imaged above) both of which point out that although people say he has, actually has not, anywhere, other than the one time on the 60 minutes interview.

So.. yep, spin.  Spin spin spin.  Leading me to question all the positive stuff I saw in the first Forbes article. 

“But everybody has spin”.   yeah.   give me direct recordings of people any day, and I’ll judge for myself.  

The End of the World As We Know It

Not sure how I found it .. probably Cortex or Hello Internet .. damn you @cgpgrey .. but I listened to this episode of Odd Lots -- http://www.bloomberg.com/news/audio/2016-11-18/55-here-are-the-signs-that-a-civilization-is-about-to-collapse.  2nd half.

That’s not the most Linkable stuff, so I did some searching .. and found the same information, same guy, in this article, easier to read:  http://www.pbs.org/newshour/making-sense/indiana-jones-collapsed-cultures-western-civilization-bubble/.  Excerpts:

“Leaders may recognize that they are not addressing the real problems, but they rationalize their actions with the argument that they must first politically survive in order to later address the hard problems and sacrifices. Of course, they usually don’t ever actually get around to addressing the fundamental problems later, either because they don’t make it through the initial crisis or because, even later, they are not willing to risk sacrificing their own position (or “career”) with needed measures that usually require tough sacrifices by the population.”

And, the other chilling bit:

“Yes, “hypercoherence” is one of the most dangerous threats to the long-term survival of our civilization. Hypercoherence is the close efficient linkage of all parts of the world economic, communication and transport systems. It has been crucial in the spread of great innovations, the rise of world wealth, and even the dissemination of democratic concepts and ethical values and the defeat of oppressive regimes.

However, this strength is, again, one of the most common symptoms of impending collapse. Perturbations, even small ones, immediately radiate throughout the entire system. Today there are few, if any, refuges against international crises of any kind. Thus, our brilliant communication, information, and transport systems, which will be remembered as the hallmark of our age, are also a point of great fragility.”

Okay, what the heck does that have to do with anything?

What if:

  • What if, Globalization is in fact a not-that-great idea, single point of failure?
  • What if, in the short-term profits of globalization (for a few, those in power), the result is actually wealth distribution leading to angry citizenry?
  • What if, this overall stress-of-life .. leads people closer to their genetic instincts – tribalism, fear of others, close-the-borders?
  • What if, this is popping up everywhere around the world – Britain, France, USA, India, China is what I’ve read about so far?

Okay, so cool, we have a President Elect who was elected on the basis of “Make America Great Again”, and we’re going to decrease our participation in the global economy.  Based on the above, that’s a good thing. 

So, when folks talk about how the various treaties between countries like Russia and China, how their economic power will grow, that’s fine, we’ll be out here being independent while the rest of the world goes into splendor and then collapses?

However, what I’m feeling upon seeing the kinds of folks that the P.E. is hanging out with .. at first, it doesn’t feel like they have the best intentions of the country at heart.

But then, I realize, no, he’s probably being very accurate in his picks.  To verify, I went looking for the list – found this article:  http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2016/us/politics/donald-trump-administration.html

… and, yeah, i think it does reflect a couple of things – briefly reading it and tacking on some heavy supposed-opinions of my own -

  • less Global stuff.   Less dependence on China?  Does that mean more of an opportunity for local Manufacturing?  That might be good .. think of it more like “Local Grass Fed Beef” instead of “Cheap Beef at MegaStore”.  It costs more.   But its good for America.   Granted, it won’t be Apple, or Samsung, etc .. the rest of the world can have its quality electronics and keep it. We’ll go with nice camo-based phones with big buttons that can be used with hunter gloves.
  • Over and over, i hear “push stuff to the States”.   And I also hear “Push education away from public and more to private.”  I don’t like that it will let some states possibly teach stuff that I don’t believe is true.. but hey, if we, as a country, are choosing to believe creationism, then there you have it.  If you don’t like it, get the hell out.  Move to Sweden:  http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/finland-schools-subjects-are-out-and-topics-are-in-as-country-reforms-its-education-system-10123911.html    On the other hand, maybe there will actually be demand for schools that do teach evolution and science, and the market will decide which schools stay.   And maybe we can have awesome debates between schools that believe different things.    And the kids will have a nice debate, and all the parents will be lovingly supportive of them, there will be no brawls in the audience.
  • Less, uh, tolerance for other countries being buffoons.  Y’all go blow yourselves up, don’t care about destabilization, because we’re not participating directly in the global economy, so your shit doesn’t bother us.    We don’t need your stinkin’ oil because we have plenty of our own.   We don’t care about climate change because the world would blow up long before we got to any climate problems.

Reading the above, I might even think I agree with them.  I’m not sure what to believe.  I’m not sure which one is the reality – While I WANT to believe that the world is becoming a better, more civilized place, it DOES seem that this civility is unravelling, which leads to.. i don’t want to have to depend on the rest of the world to be civilized in order for us to have a good life. 

On the other hand, if some folks are seeking civility and peaceful life and joy and the ability to create and to not be afraid for their lives all the time.. if there’s something I/we could do to help them make it so .. can we help them?

So, all confused here.  I’ve ingested too much information, and some of it is at war with other things that I used to take for granted.

Now I have to take all of this, and go put it on a shelf, so I can function during the week.  I’m unfollowing @Lessien on twitter, who has been my primary source of indignant information, will check back in with him? her? them? on Friday.  (I found them through @MarcoArment, who ALSO has similar information, but is less volume than the former.)

There’s another aspect of this – since the election, its been like a sprint.  I can’t win at a sprint.  It needs to be more like a marathon.