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Picture Update: Car Fire, Funeral, Soccer Kids, Lights
As usual, click on picture for bigger picture.

On Monday or Tuesday of last week, a car caught fire at the work parking lot.
0423080908 0080423080909 004

The lady at the security desk hesitated in calling the fire department, as they get billed for every time the truck comes out. The Fire department eventually got there.
0423080913 009

Ended up damaging 3 cars, totally incapacitating one of them.
0423081326 0130423081327a 005

At Popaw's funeral, there were 3 Marines holding watch over the gravesite.
0424081106 0060424081106a 003

Kids feeding on Ham'n'Cheese Sandwiches after school before a Middle School soccer game:
0417081541 027

A relaxed Sunny doing admissions for another Middle School soccer game:
0422081847 021

Solar panel lights outside our home, my wife's experiment. It took 3 days for them to charge up, but now they work! and they last all night:
0416082135 040

Life = Good


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