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My wife's grandfather passed away on Monday.. his last lucid day was last thursday.

(side story - they brought him some food on Thursday, and put a bit in his mouth, and he tasted it.. eyes closed.. and said out loud, "mmmmm.. Long John Silver" - which was correct! (I have not heard if these were his last words or not)

The visitation was today. He looked excellent in his Marine's casual outfit.. comfortable. Momaw about cried as she hugged the {guy who arranged him} and told him Thank you.

I saw many pictures of his past. The young handsome marine.. lots of pictures from his 40's and 50's. Gleam in his eye, and oh my god so strong. Muscular. When I first met him in person 2 years ago... i wish I had known him earlier.

He *loved* his life and the people around him. Stories of how he knocked a guy out in a WalMart parking lot.. in defense of a buddy. The other guy filed charges, the police officer showed up.. found out that Popaw was 72 at the time, the assulted fellow was in his 50's, the offier laughed, "there's no charges here" and headed out.

Stories of lots of Jury-Rigging. Retro-Fitting. Using a dog leash to attach the young 2yo Bradley to his waist as he took him for a ride. The musical horn in his '84 pickup truck. His monthly pilgrimmage to White Castle.

I saw how much his family, and so many other people, love him. They are good eggs.. his family.. and I'm proud to be related to them, now.

Arvel "Popaw" McMahan.. you are one hell of a man. I hope to be half the man you were. I love you, sir, and thank you for what you've done.

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Please pass our love and condolences to the whole family. I am sorry to hear that such a vibrant person has passed. There aren't many of that kind in the world... and sad to hear that he is gone.


I am really glad that Sunny had time to report this news, because I sure as shootin' didn't.

Which is perfectly understandable. *HUGS* Take care of yourself and the rest of the crew. :)

Blessings to you both, and a smooth trip to the Summerlands for him. :)

Thanks Droops!

You would have liked popaw...he was seriously old school....John Wayne (with out the racism), Charlton Heston (with out the bible thumpin') and Clint Eastwood-combined...ok maybe he was just KY's version of Eastwood!

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