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I did my unit testing training class today.
As seems to be the case -- if I am prepared and we do a great class.. very few people turn out.

Either a) I suck as a trainer, or b) they don't want to learn it. I'm voting for both, as I busted my ass prepping for this one.

So.. my boundary is: I'm not doing it again.
I will work one on one with anybody who wants to learn.
I have training materials now! 5 different ways of implementing tests for a given piece of code, showing different patterns.


Ok, back to coding.

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Did it have a Presentation of some sort? I'm trying to improve/rework the unit testing processes within my development team. :)

I've collected a bunch of info, but more is always better.

Chris M.

yes, a powerpoint.. 45 slides..
most of the power was in the (DEMO) parts where I went live with code and ran tests and stepped through them
Showed 3 or 4 different ways to achieve mocks

but not shareable - the code is too company-specific-proprietary. :(

Mostly what I covered was a couple different ways to write your own mock classes, and then some stuff on database-level integration tests and a bit on Rhino mocks.

Re: So...

That's okay. :)

Honestly, our UT isn't bad. I'm just trying to add in JUnit to improve our regression test. My devs started life where everything was a one-off, we've brought them around to the ideas of reusability, now we just need some smoother testing. :)

I can probably share the ppt with you, just not any code, if you want it.

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