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2 years since been let go from UGS...
My best-man and good buddy started an email thread, what's everybody been up to..

my reply:

For my part -

Got married. Life is good. I still love my girl, more every day... family life is achieving balance now. Think less of Ames, getting more settled in Louisville, but really miss CyRide.

I am now a stepdad ... of a 13-y-o. Mostly means: being consistent. He gave me a hug yesterday, first time ever. I baked cinnamon rolls yesterday. Brown rice day before that. I do most of the dishes, sweeping, and lots of garbage removal. Wife does laundry and picking stuff up / organizing and scheduling. Lots of soccer... I am married to the team soccer mom... is awesome... good people.

13yo: 4000 text messages in 20 days???? holy moly. Switching to unlimited text messaging plan. Teenager has a psycho girlfriend and can totally kick my ass on the Xbox.

After layoff, did contracting for a bit, didn't pan out. Got a "real" job ... 1 y later threatened to quit job leave for less stressful more ducks in line place... got counteroffer... stayed. Its hard, tough, but still feels like the right thing to do. On the side, trying to teach other people unit testing. Doing my part to keep code clean. Frustrating when many priorities bump into each other, Q1 instead of Q2 stuff. Have not learned very much new over the last year, except perhaps sharpening my skills around design and communication. Lots of cheese here, but its all like, bland white cheese. Oracle is painful. Wish I were LINQing.

Quit TKD, started Kenpo martial arts stuff, much deadlier, way fun. Had flu, dropped 10 lbs, now working to keep it off and lose some more.. go to the Y 3 times a week. Heart Rate Monitors rock! help me pace myself. Started taking lunches in to work because I can count calories easier that way. Haven't really lost additional weight, but did go down a pant size, but looking forward to next week, signs are good.

Selling the pickup truck (22mpg), bought a Honda Pilot SUV (20mpg), i am now driving my wife's prev car = Honda Civic (30+mpg). Will get a gas-efficient commuter vehicle in the next two years. Would like a Prius, will see what I can get for <$10-15k. Might end up with Mazda Protege or something.

Long list of house improvement projects.. last completed was Kitchen do-over, very nice, functional now. next up is cutting down a tree that's threatening our inbound power line. Have a room that gives us problems, might rip it out and replace.. family room refurbish is next.

Crazy dogs.. if I didn't love them, i'd hate them. Have cleaned 2 skunk attacks now. Invisible Fence = good thing, solved many problems.

Cats are being cuddly and loving and rule my office. Litter = yuck = duty = just do it. Office = home of big computer = used by myself, wife, AND kid => very wierd to not have exclusive access to my^H^H our computer. Several old laptops strewn around house make it easier to do.

Ooo! Soccer => new video camera => scrubbing footage and building 5 minute recaps of games => kinda fun.

Got Health insurance with deep pockets (working for a company involved in healthcare). Dermatologist, removed 2 spots, haven't heard back yet. Vision is next, need new glasses.

Eating lunch at work during lunchtime = can surf web and do email during lunch! is good.

love to y'all

Yep, life is good, even with all my whining. :)

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GLad things are going well

Sunny, glad to hear things are going well. We're awaiting the arrival of our second child (a boy) any day now. Lots going on - tell the gang hi.

Re: GLad things are going well

*nods* congrats in advance, daddy-o.
I follow you on twitter.. you sound very active. Is a good thing.


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