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The code is not flowing around a donated truck.
Code is not flowing from my brain. This makes it easy to distract myself by doing things such as posting to livejournal. Gar. Maybe if I talk about it, it will make itself make sense.

I basically have to change code
"did they give me a company identifier? yes? good, load up the company context"
"if i have a company context, go figure out who the guy is"
"do I have a guy? no? ok, mark that as bad"

"did they give me a company context?" yes? as before
otherwise, go find the guy cross reference their company information against contexts that are legal, and if I find exactly one company and one guy, then its good"
otherwise, its various levels of bad

Not so hard. But for some reason.. my brain is rebelling. Stuff like, dates are only valid if they are within a range given by the company context, but the date is used to look up the guy to find the company context. So, i have to break that up into "is the date a valid date" vs "is this date valid for this company context", do the first, find the context, then do the second. Blah.

And then the ways in which to find the guy differ based on the company context - certian companies match by Alternate ID's, others by SSN's, and others by this lookup table of "custom member ids".

My poor aching head.

Slap a level of indirection, unit tests, and mock frameworks around it for fun as well.
I think the next thing I'm doing here is getting just one test to pass, even if I have to hack through it with a chainsaw. Refactor later.

Other Stuff that I am Glad About
- I got to see middle school soccer kids descend upon ham & cheese sandwiches in a feeding frenzy .. helping my lady with her SoccerMom(tm) duties.
- I got two moles removed and sent in for biopsy yesterday.
- I got my car back from the detailers yesterday. Its niiiice. Going shopping tonight for replacement car mats and other little doodads.
- Columbus Crew kicked DC United's butt 2-1! That new guy they have for the crew is pretty sharp.
- Man-U vs Arsenal was a good game to watch. I now know Ronaldo, Adubayor (sp), Rooney.. its more fun to watch when you know a bit about the individual people's style. Ronaldo in slow motion as he dribbles/dances the ball is amazing. I like how he stops and concentrates/prays/something before he goes after the ball.
- I want to see more Rhonaldino in action.
- I had lunch with my lady! :)

Indecision around truck
- I haven't heard more from Pastor Gary about the guy to give my truck to.
- My Kenpo instructor, Jordan, is interested in purchasing my truck.. i would need to name him a price.
- I would go with the donation, except now it feels wierd - because Pastor Gary asked Carol asked me, hey, would I be cool with him taking the donated truck and trading it in towards a different car? WTF?
- Something about, I want my truck to benefit somebody in the way that I want it to benefit them. Me being a control freak. I'm also seeing very little around "here's how to donate it to a person and write it off" on the 'web, i see a lot of organizations who would take the truck and then resell it and give the proceeds somewhere.
- I'd rather sell the truck cheap to a friend who can use it than donate it to somebody who just sells it themselves.
- But we said we were going to do it. M's whole family is like "ooo he's donating his truck". Do I want to risk their disapproval by not following through?

I don't know how to resolve this one. Universe, please guide me here.. to something that feels right.

ok, back to coding.
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If you are truly donating the truck, then give it freely. If the receiver uses it, sells it or gives it away, that is their choice. If you give a gift, give it with no strings attached. You never know what kindnesses and ripples of goodness will come from this deed. JMHO =)

Thanks JB. Yeah, normally i'd just give it and be done with it, but the feeling remains of ickiness -- trying to quantify it -- M & I had a quick talk with each other..
the feeling we're getting is, this dude... there's a LOT of people helping him, he's doing pretty well, he doesn't really need the truck. He has several thousand saved up towards purchasing his own vehicle.

OTOH, We know of several other people who *do* need the truck.

Pastor G is checking in with the dude to see where he's at, and I'm going to quote a price to my friend J.

You also have to consider what feels right, as you mentioned. Yes, a gift should come from the heart, and whatever the other person does with the gift once given should be ok. That said...this just kinda stinks. "Hey, you need a truck...I'm going to give you a truck" "Naw dude, while I do need a vehicle, I don't want a truck...if you give me that truck, I'm just gonna sell it and go get whatever I want". While I don't know the specifics of this person's situation, I can't really say that they are "in need". *ponder* I could go off on a rant here, but really that would be unfair, as I don't know the person's situation, so really can't compare them to people who habitually abuse the kindness of others. What I will do is boil it down a little, and hope that helps you.

Bob has a specific vehicle in mind that he wants...he may not even be looking for the most affordable. People are already helping him, and he does not need or want your truck.

Joe has great need of a vehicle, specifically a truck. He has a car, but his wife works too, two vehicles would benefit their family a LOT. Plus, Joe is a nice guy, and would totally use that truck to help people move on weekends and stuff. You just bought a new chair, and need to haul the old one to the dump? Call Joe. He's not even going to ask you for gas, just do something for him next time...or not even him. Just when you find someone who needs help and you are in a position to do it, then do it.

Stan has even greater need for a vehicle. He doesn't have one, and he lives in a city with very poor public transport. He has a job, but he has to take the bus, so has to leave for work way early, and gets home way late. He doesn't see his family, he comes home, falls into bed, gets up and does it all over again. That truck will basically reunite a family.

Out of this list, Bob doesn't even get my consideration.

*ping* nail on the head.

In this case, Joe drives a big gas guzzler and a smaller gas sipper would really help him out.

And Stanette, while she could really use the truck, doesn't have enough money for the property taxes, or upkeep, just has barely enough for gas, and has had her license revoked several times.

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