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Biggest Loser Finale

BL has been a staple for M&I for the last... 7-8 weeks. Inspires me to go work out.
We watched the finale.
A girl won for the first time in 5 seasons. It was not the person my wife wanted to have win.
Our favorite, Bernie, won the $100k runner-up. He looks CUTE!
Roger looked damned good too. I wanna look that good.
Brittany looked HOT!
Kelly looked good! I hope her back gets better soon.


Hey, so I go work out tomorrow. Whee!

In other news.. new project at work, working with some folks in MN on redesigning an interface between a bank and us, making things more stable. Sounds like fun. Gotta get my old stuff done before I can move on to it. Woot.