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Bad Dog.

in our yard, it did plunk
spy on it, our crazy dog
see it crawl into a log

except a log it were not
drainage pipe, thanks a lot
when closer into range it came
dog digs it out like it were game

So undone is our back yard
that fricking !#$!$ dog-!#$%!#$-tard
now more pipe we'll have to lay
and no more on that shall I say.

(And yes, i did use the same phrase, laying pipe.)

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That's funny. For a couple of reasons. The presentation was darned funny and cute. But the idea of a dog digging up a PIPE in the backyard is also kind of funny. If you think about it. Really.

But that also sucks. Added expenses always suck, especially when they're from a preventable source. Silly puppy. No treats for you!

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