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IKea, YouKea, We All KIA!

Waxing negative...

It was big... But not as big as I thought it would be.
They had lots of neat stuff... but not as much as I thought they would have.

I guess I was spoiled by 10+ years of my friends going IkeaIkeaIkeaIkea.. i had it built up to be this super huge thing in my head. Or perhaps it was the throngs of people there, I never got a feeling of "open space". Anyhoo, it was smaller than expected.

Their couches were crap.. not a single comfortable one.
And I didn't get to touch/feel/see everything, because we had a 13yo along who was herding us. We didn't get a chance to stop, feel, dream, be creative.

Waxing positive...

We got some cool shit. Several overhead light things for Q's room and the family room... some metal plate things for our cool magnet-board-planning-area in the kitchen... an umbrella.. some shelves for Q's trophies.. all in all, we spent $200 there. Under budget!

I would love to go back. But, I would go back with a plan - like, which things are we going to get to tame the garage? And we're definitely considering using some of their shelving stuff to put together something for the family room when we redo that. And, i've got a hankerin' for a new desk for me..

I think overall we were in there by 10:30, and out of there by 1:00. Two and a half hours.. not nearly long enough. Yes, I could totally see doing an entire house with IKEA stuff.

Oh, and I thought the mini-appartments that they did were frickin' awesome.

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Yea, Ikea is best when you go in with a plan, room measurements in hand, and preferably having already maybe poked around their catalog or website. Kids can be ok with it.. But if you can pull it off, get a sitter for them, or go on a Friday morning. That's like the magic time to go, when NO ONE is there. That's what I do when I need to do a blitzkrieg run, and get in, get something, and get the heck out fast. :)

Really? I adore my couch that I got from Ikea. It's nice and deep, perfect for sleeping, and it's long enough for me to stretch out on, and it was 300 bucks!

We have done pretty much our whole house in it...and yes, the mini apartments are frickin' awesome. :)

You didn't get the Swedish meatballs!?

And yeah, their shelving is great - all kinds of stuff for any job or situation. As JF pointed out, surfing the catalog or website a lot first does really help gather and solidify ideas about what you're looking for. Without doing that, it can definitely be overwhelming, just going there - you're suddenly in this sea of, "Ooh, that's cool! Ooh, look at that white thing! Ooh, neat! Ooh...would that fit in my bathroom?? Ooh, what the hell is that? Ooh, pretty!" But you can't go wrong with the Swedish meatballs.

My last trip to Ikea led me to the one in Minneapolis. I went there expecting what I found just outside of Chicago, and I was very disappointed. It was very big, but nothing like the one in Schaumburg. The one in Schaumburg was GIGANTIC. 3 floors, and very difficult to get through in one day if you actually stop to look at everything.

So not all Ikeas are alike, unfortunately. Make sure to grab a catalog (I think they're free), and they can order anything you want that isn't in the store. :)

Garg. Ok, recap, 2 story ikea in westchester. live.maps.com sucks. not too big. peace love and tranquility, aquarius, etc.

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