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As I wait for an updated DAL... (updated)
Sitting at work. Don't want to start anything new, because the old will be back in my plate in the next few minutes. I hope.

So, i come here to post.

Today has been a grumpy day .. i think i'm just plain tired from the week. Had a great sleep last night with my wife and both cats in our bedroom.. Whiskey snuggled between us, and Samantha curled up on the other side of me. I love my cats.

I'm a little .. on edge, for several reasons --

I've pretty much gained a pound since last week (looking at the averages). I've been eating consistently around 2400 calories each day, so my theory is: I'm converting fat to muscle. As Fat stores energy a lot better, but weighs less than protein.. the math could work. I can't really quantify it, though - my %fat on the weight thing is still around 24.5%. I still fit my new size 34 pants, about the same... ah well, naught but to continue. If I have to drop down to 2000 cal/day I will. The semi-constant hunger is making me grumpy, though. Although - when I ate steak .. hunger go byebye. perhaps I shall eat more steak.

Update. Duh, of course I can't turn fat into muscle. Between my options of a) eating less (possibly triggering starvation mode), b) working out a lot more cardio to burn more calories, and c) increase resistance training to increase muscle mass to burn more calories, I like options b) and c) the best.

We have my civic in the shop so they can look at the tranny - its been slipping, and I don't think the transmission fluid has ever been changed (10 years, 160k miles). I'm hoping on good news there.. i want a nice happy reliable car. Plus, after they're done, then I call the detailers who pick the car up to get it detailed.. ooh nice happy clean car.

We're going to go to IKEA on saturday. I'm a bit scared - i have no experience with IKEA. The trip is going to cost $. Granted, its budgeted and stuff, but still, i have these dollar signs go across my eyes.. so my wifey says. Scrooge McGulati, that's me. let go the illusion of control...

At work, I led a class yesterday .. more unit testing stuff. I think I maybe got a half-lightbulb from about half the class. I was not prepared, it was not a good class. *sigh* And my target audience .. they're not excited about the subject, either - they view it as, "you're going to make us do what??" I'm not even the best qualified to teach - I have a somewhat hacked version of unit testing in my head -- i don't yet use Dependency Injection and Dependency Inversion and all that jazz. Ah well, I get to do the follow up class on Wednesday, hopefully I can spark a lightbulb or two.

Best wishes to y'all.

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You, an Ikea n00bie, are planning to go to Ikea on one of their busiest days with a wad of cash and NO plan?! What are you thinking, man?!

If you have a catalog, go through that tonight and try to come up with a plan. Ikea is almost equivalent to Toys `R' Us at Christmas time. It's the adult version of it, anyway. Know what areas you want to hit and try to give yourself a time limit. That place can definitely trigger sensory overload. Chaos ensues!

This is why they have a restaurant. People go in... and get trapped. Eventually, someone will find you half-starved and dazed in the midst of one of the kitchen or bedroom displays and drag you over to the restaurant. When you find yourself there, at least consider trying the meatballs.

Going with no plan... That's just plain crazy-talk.

~Sabby's Wife


*cringe* umm.. honey.. we need a plan.. honey?

oh, I found her. She was drooling over the Ikea web-site. Something about twitch twitch make note of what we want to buy on another trip twitch twitch drool.

IKEA is one of my favorite stores! I love it :) It is a mad house but it always is. You have fun and take your time. So many ideas there. Take a truck or a very large vehicle. You will buy and you will go back. It is that wonderful of a store. If I don't see a posting from you within the next couple days, I'll know you are still at IKEA. lol!

So how did it go? What did you get? ;)

We love IKEA. We used to have one fairly closeby in California. Last September, we rented a truck and drove to Chicago for a bunch of stuff. We're thrilled to have the new one in Cincinnati - only half the distance! - but we haven't gone yet.

(BTW, when we went to Chicago, we did have a very specific plan of exactly what we wanted to get. Made it somewhat more manageable).

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