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Heart Straight Line
I worked out yesterday. It was very fun! I did 5 minutes at a time, various speeds, walking, jogging, and even some bike. Spreadsheet can be found here. Here's what I found:

For my 3 walking speeds - 3.0, 3.5, and 4.0 - sure enough, avg heart rate vs cal/min gave a straight line graph.

For my 1 jogging sample at 4.0 - somewhat more heartrate output for equivalent cal/min. This is attributed to jogging being less efficient - ie, my body is putting out a certain amount of energy, but only so much gets measured at the treadmill.

Side note - Treadmills are usually designed with an efficiency of 25% in mind (ie, the cal/min is not exactly what it takes to move the belt, but 25% more than that). I'm trying to find a resource that can tell me what the efficiencies are of various activities .. but it also depends on the person doing it and how they do it.

My 1 biking sample (no speed set, just based on heartrate and calorie output) - showed that biking was the most efficient form of converting human energy to doing something. Not surprising.

Overall, i did 1 hr at an average of 123 heartrate, which, if the math and theorems hold, means everything combined, I did about 5 cal/min for an hour => 300 calories overall including weight lifting.

Which I then proceeded to undo by eating 2 KFC snackers instead of one. Fooey.