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Cant... concentrate...
I'm at work, but.. my brain is so spinning. Can't concentrate on the problem at hand...

Instead, my head is running around with insurance providers, wondering what my FList is up to, and overall, i'm just *tired*.. my brain wants to stay in vegatative react mode rather than dive into creative.

From experience, this means.. i'm processing emotion. Said a friend of mine (J.Altmaier) once of another friend who had a "major life event" occur.. yep, he's going to be useless today.

What am I processing? Can I dump them here so I can move back on to being productive?

- that we just bought a nice big shiney new yummy vehicle. Did we just buy a big shiney new vehicle? or was that a dream? nice headlights...
- that my truck is leaving.. and my vehicle to work will be changing... is the tranny okay? where can I check that? how do I get it clean? when do I do this?

- that we're past the car purchase now, its time to focus in on that next bucket to fill...
- how much is that insurance going to be? how much up front?
- have I missed any loopholes? Anything that I need to bucket for now? are my estimates on track? Am I earning enough? Are we spending appropriately?

- very very looking forward to working out today after work. I so want to plot my heart vs work done graph
- eating a lot at lunch.. but within scope.. eating on weekend different than eating during week.. pushing myself too hard... not hard enough... is it enough.. how do I feel.. pant sizes!
- what will my weight be tomorrow? what will I eat tonight?

Like.. Ok, God. I'm tired of my head spinning. I really do want to settle down and do some good work today. All the questions above have their own answers in their own due time... and I *am* being guided on all of them.

Sit, relax, and enjoy the refactoring of code...
7 pages of code in front of me, same thing done twice. what to pull out.. hmm...

*refocuses on work*