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Piloting through the Trenches

So, per the rain and seepage that occurred recently, we did some investigation, and we found:

1. That the people who did our concrete and drain were either morons, incompetent, or angry at the guy who subcontracted the work to them.. either way, we suffered.

Something about pipe, duct-tape, things being disconnected, and water not actually draining anywhere. Other than into M's Studio.

This was corrected with the judicious application of one rubber piece and some silicone. The applier was my beautiful wife. That part is now fixed.

2. The end of the pipe above ended in.. a valley rimmed with roots. Water didn't go anywhere.

Axe, chopping, shoveling, two lengths of black corrugated pipe, learning to use a jig saw(?), and a *lot* of mud later, it is now fixed. The water leaves our yard for the front ditch.

It did leave behind a casualty, in terms of my general appearance:

(these pictures can be found in Otter's Flickr Page.. It is likely that she will post her own recounting of this weekend.)

In totally unrelated news, we purchased an SUV.

As I type this on the laptop, my wife is playing GW on the big puter next to me. She's trying to figure out which armor she wants to get next, as she waits for Firehand to finish a quest. Q has a friend over, they are downstairs in the basement playing some games.

Life is good.

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Ah, you got a Pilot!
Nice choice. I test drove one of those a while back, and loved the ride. I think a CRV or a Forester is better for my needs, but the Pilot was really good. :)

yabba dabba doo!

Yep, its got good gas mileage for its class (17-22), and its got the 3rd row of seats for when we have extra boys hitchin' a ride, and its got room to spare...

and the seperate rear/front audio controls is pretty nice too. Q listens to his stuff in the back, we listen to our stuff in the front. Excellent.

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