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Trampoline Martial Arts
My beautiful wife recently got a little trampoline / rebounder thing. In a bid to do some heartrate training last night, I bounced on it whilst I watched Q play CoD4 and R6LV2.. 13 minutes, 1000 bounces later, my heart was a nice 124 (barely bouncing) to 148 (crazy bouncing). No ceiling contact was made.

Then, i got out a bunch of index cards, and I started making cards of the various martial arts things I want to keep up on, as well as practiced several of them.. they include:

  • WTF forms: Ki-Cho-Il-Bo, Taeguk 1-3, Palgwe 1-3
  • ITF forms: ChoJin, DanGun, DoSan
  • Tracy Kenpo moves: White belt (10), Orange (I have 5 of 40 so far)

Note: NaTKD has all kinds of good TKD form stuff... good reference place!

I found that as I did this stuff, my heart stayed around 125.. good. That's a sweet zone, like, 55 mph in 5th gear. Not idle, but definitely working, not straining.

The best part of this all is - I shared the space with the Q'ster. I think he was happy to have somebody else in the basement as he did his gaming thing. He looked at me funny a few times. Yay family relations!

Ok, i getter get crackin' at work. I started at 14 tickets, down to 10, hope to do 4 today.