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worse shape than I thought
The Doggy Treadmill With the cardio-meter on my chest, I got on the treadmill yesterday. I am in much worse shape than I thought.

  • Before working out, my heartrate was around 104. (not to be confused with resting heartrate, which I haven't measured).
  • I had to walk at 3.3 mph to keep my heartrate under 125.
  • I had to jog at less than 4.4 mph to keep my heartrate under 160.
  • While lifting weights, my heartrate was in the range 114-125.
  • (In comparision, i enjoy jogging at 5mph, and I can run at 7-8mph, but not for long, and my heartrate hits like 190, not a good place to be).

The good news is, i started to see the difference by staying at under that rate... my heartrate started going down, and i was able to up the speed to 3.4, and occasionally 3.5, after a bit. The "promise" is, after my heart "backfills", I'll be able to exert a lot more without crossing the threshold into aerobic motion.

The other good news is, I can easily go 30 minutes on a treadmill at those rates. I no longer have to "cringe" and lessen the time as I did in the past (the default workout time is 30 minutes on most treadmills).

Why the heck does it make a difference? I don't know. But, i'm willing to try it.. for the rest of this month.

Something cool - the chestthingy that I wore talked to the treadmill, which displayed my heartrate in addition to the watch displaying it, without me holding on the handlebars. Also, i was wiped last night... it felt like my body was recovering from something... so perhaps, the workout was way more effective than I thought it was.



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