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new pants, heart rate training

We bought size 34 work pants for me last night.

With some grief, i let go of my very beautiful but no longer for me size 38's. *sniff*.. having grown up in a 3rd world country, clothing was something that we hung on to for YEARS, and handed stuff down.. luckily, here, its called "Good Will" and its Intra-Family gifting. Yup yup. Ok, let go.

I'm wearing the 34's. I (eep!) forgot to wear a belt.. but so far so good, they're staying up. Pretty soon, they'll be falling off, so I have to remember to wear a belt.

I also picked up, with leftover gift christmas card, a heart-rate monitor thing - Polar FS1.  I was inspired to do so by reading Mark Allen's post on Heart Rate Training.  Basically, i was under the impression that I needed to push myself harder, but that's not it at all... by maintaining a slower pace, i actually help the heart to become more potent, which then lends to better spurts at the high ranges.   So, i'm going to try it...    My target heart rate to stay below is 134.    If I jog at 5mph, i zip up to 155 easy.  I'm going to have to go fairly slow. 

Tonight is my first workout with a heart monitor.
My second workout at the new Gym
And probably my 38th workout overall, although with the new Gym not having FitLinxx, i'll soon not be able to track that.

PS - *HUGS* to my friends who're having a hard time with 'con deadlines, April fool's day, and recent unemployment.    Especially the last one.. you're in my prayers.

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I have to disagree a bit with the HR stuff. Yes, it is good to do longer workouts at a lower rate. But it's also good to do some at a higher rate. It depends on what your resting HR is (see Karvonen method) but 155 is not a bad HR for a moderate length workout. You need to mix it up.

BTW, I checked out that site, and I've never seen anyone else use 180-age for HR. Usually it's 220 (sometimes 225 for women). Of course, it's only a rough estimate for a majority of people; many have a different maximum HR so the formula is not applicable to them. Sometimes perceived exertion is more useful. If you're gasping for air, you're doing too much. ;)

I think what they did is they took the 60% out of the 220 or something like that. I also read it wrong -- i think. After more reading in other sources, I think they're talking about staying in the aerobic range and not sprinting before the aerobic base is built up, because they're training for triathalons, and they need the staying power that aerobic gives them.

What i'm going to do is continue to take it easi[er], keep my heart around 125-130, and see if my timing(s) improve over april. If they don't, i'll have to revisit. If they do, i'm going to see how much they improve. Will report back.

Also! i'm going to do some tests around calories burnt => avg heart rate. Its supposed to be a straight line. If it is, then I can start quantifying what some of my other workouts are burning as well. I love numbers. :)

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